Covering some of the plot of Shakespeare's Richard III, Jane Shore focuses on the mistress of the late Edward IV, also known as "The White Queen". In this short tragedy, Jane tries to thwart Richard's rise to power while experiencing love, betrayal, forgiveness, and an unexpected visitor who arrives in disguise. (Summary by Wendy Katz Hiller)

Read by Lord Hastings: Tchaikovsky Duke of Gloster: ToddHW

Belmour: Adrian Stephens

Sir Richard Ratcliffe: Wayne Cooke Sir William Catesby: Alan Mapstone Dumont: Tomas Peter

Jane Shore: Michele Eaton

Alicia: WendyKatzHiller

Jane's Servant: Larry Wilson Alicia's Servant: B. Jones

Stage Directions: Adrienne Prevost Total running time: 1:36:47

Nicholas Rowe Nicholas Rowe

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Jane Shore: A Tragedy