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September 2009ce CyberSpuce Issu

Officers of the A.C.U.G.

‘Thon that dit run fast enough

(Chancellor: (Sensci] David OLE. Mohr “Treasurer: Scot Farley (416) (Commodore Librarian: Imperial Wark (#2) FaktceSysOp: Lord Ronin from Q-Link (#1)

S.LG. reps: Amiga Scott Fark [#16], Emulator: Scott Farky (#16), GEOS Lord Ronin, Basic Programming Lond Ronia. Cracking PAL->NISC Mad Max (#21] Linus & General Destined [#8] Deputies: Commexore Lilwarian #20, Editor Viren (#3}Eaitor dmackey828 SysOp Imperial Warlord [#2] SysOp Vinen (#3) & WareCat [#23] WebMeisier Halzabaat

A.C.U.G. History & Policy

legen has ttt ye aroun 17k a8 PET gop. Docent exis hal how wate 198 ae a Fntonng user gop. AC UG sal fr"Ataia Commer ers Group This lhc 0s with hese sc Them at chang e"Aiga& CormdeUsrs GTi was change afer alkene gp by Mark Reet Who denial th Amiga prt Na hoa “Anything Cente Users Ga a th uly 2 hess Ineting Coup now lands to werk witha Commdoe PC platforms, ncn ena

Membership is open toa of like mind. A deste wo learn and explo this calletive BC platform, Cot is #10 per year for North America Though the attack upon ws has cut hack many resources thal a being skrwly rcbuil. Member wil receive rmerabership card, Ceriiate of membership and a sarters disk. All erated ow a Commodore or hardware that works witha Commodore, Merabers also resive the monthly publication "ke Village Green”. acwaleterof group happenings, incre tnd very iased opinions pro Commodore. Page court is now returning to 20 pages in booklet for, Most often dane with Pont Print 38. An Electronic version is also at times available. Merabers are able to have the longest ime and no UV) crt «coi on the BBS [curently being built} Local menabers have accesso the software and hardcopy library and all members have aliscount on Comaodore and Amiga its bought through the sponse shop, Mobr Realities Games. Members also c {gain the moruhly 1541 disk "The Penny Farting” Copies are $100 each moath. Regardless ofthe amount of disks astod. Long clstance members are able to gun the disks in 64 through the let ot frm the BBS [both options are being recreate this moment} We consider ourselves tobe the mont fanatical Commodore group in the mukivense.

Contact and Next Meeting Small Mail: ACUG #447 623 29th St. Astoria Ore 97103 Veice/Macine: S03-328.2616 BBS [hein crate) S03-328.2005, inc: edroinvcach com sho-vah side Fh SOR-325-1856 Int: sera @qvent nt sob) Website phew acug047 corn

[Nett Meeting is 7:00pm 17/SepUOSce at Mchr Realities Games. Demos, vistors and Smokers weleame.

2 September 2009ce CyberSpace Issu

Bopen: 7.00pm SiNewsletter: Approved

©®Chancellor Report: Fint order of business isthe lack of our black Furry organic ASO0. At Tpm on 21/July/09%ee, She was, as the George Carlon line goes, "We snatched that pussy 1nd put her ina box". Taking her up to the kibbutz. Not too fond of the other felines. Even her old boyfriend and their daughter. Her desire isto continue as Constable and protectdefend her pet hippy (LR] from the other felines. (Updates) Just few days before the meeting. S00 has left the freaks bedroom. Claiming the phone stand in the kitchen as her tower. A slight disagreement with one of the other furries about that spot as personal territory. She has been eating near the others, growling at them and does not like the bully eat at all, Ab the law of karma. No longer ‘ny Fear that she will have to spend the rest of her life alone in the shop. |Update: She has played withthe foil balls and the red dot)

Report here, but the details will be from LR. Over 200 disks arrived on 31/July/09ce. Came from a guy in Georgia that is parting off the remains ofthe users group. We hope to pick up ‘more items

We had a visitor on Saturday 1/August9ce. Gene Woods an old member of the ACUG and current member of UPCHUG. Popped down

from the Seattle metroplex. Doing a photo shoot, of the area. He was able to stop in the shop for a

‘group, the UPCHUG, FCUG, and SCs. Sadly like so many others these days. Work and money are hard pressed to find. Though he did express

interest in rejoining, and most assuredly wants to make it to MossyCon6. After the shop closed,

Gene stopped by the kibbutz for abit. LR was on the linux system in IRC at that time. Chatting in

the #ACUG channel and in #o64friends. Gene ‘was impressed or taken back at all the C= things in the hallway and inthe game/computer room LR is addicted to the C= ~ Said that when time and funds allow, he will be hack for another visit, Again saying how much he wanted to make MossyConS, and intends to make MossyCont,

6/August/09ce a box of books arrived for us. ‘Coming from Fuzz-R64 in Canada, Some of these are duplicates from our library and will be offered to the members. Others are new to us and. {20 nto the collection for our future use. LR will hhave more on that in his Rambling section, After he sorts and looks them over for us,

arrived as three jpeg pages. Lenard sn page one about the problems of they are getting, they are not geting to buy the house, Will stay, will have to move, roller coaster of stress and emotions over the past month, Docs appear to be that they are more secure in buying the home. In the second column on page one, Lenard speaks about not alot of C= things happening. At least not forthe stock machines. Saying that most he has seen is down on or was that for, emulators. He gives great praise to Dave Moorman for things like dotbasieplus, a programme that I have to order for us. Though Lenard hasn't gotten the hang of it yet, Dave also sent him a Mr. Mouse programme to assist. Alana, Lenands wife has stated he isn't writing enough. Now then I sort of lost the track of this part. She has graduated and is looking for work. ‘When that happens she will be attending college

September 2009ce CyberSpuce Issu

parttime for a BS in biology. In some forrn, this will be-a help both financially a the home, and in time for Lenant to write more. Stating he has several C= projects, rewriting and publishing his book {We have an original eopy in our library} along with some christian material to complete. On page three Jack talks about the last resting. Where Gary did more with winvice {note: yes the new linux tower atthe kibbutz, has vice} Lenard was able to make the meeting and

brought newsletters from, well us ‘As well as 5C’s disks. I don't

i Lenard had them on a lp top, 0 he had printed them out. As we exchange CybeSpace with the Kansas City group.

Popped in the mailbox on

IS/August/09ee, Erie stars with ———$——— ‘Amiga news happening. MorphOS

has a new update and is now at

12.3. He intends to show

"GrafX2" at the meeting. This

being a paint programme like

Deluxe Paint, Several other bits of new {information For Amiga. Though atthe point we have dropped to. Amiga at the moment is having another group install 03.9 on my 1200, put the battery in the A2000 and hope we can find that busboard at a price we ean affort for the power tower. At the least, when we have a working. Amiga, we now have some books and mags in onder to learn the system. [note: I discovered that om the new tower there is installed UAE. Think that is an Amiga emulator}

Eric goes on fora column about the piracy topic from last month. Is digital copy. stealing of

something physical? Personally I don’t sce my copying a disk as stealing a physical thing from

the owner. mean I copy aC= file, like a multi sided RPG game. Did I steal the actual disk from the owner? In the case I present, no I bought the factory copy. Why do I copy/pirate things. ‘Because I don’t like being punished for something that is not my fault. In my case, well you just don’t go to the store and buy that mult disk zame off the shelf anymore. As it has been ‘out of print for about 20 years, They don’t make it, why should I be punished for that? So to gain

the material L must ‘opy/pirate it, Now have I stolen anything from anyone in this ease?

But that is me, and Eric doesn't cover this sort of preservation piracy in his aticle, I just wanted to make ‘our point and stand clear at this time, Eric does make mention of "Draconian" practices. What he calls "One Machine Licenses". Ihave heard of these, where if your machine crashes, or you must replace the HD. Hey man you gotta buy the Xpensive programme all over again. Years back some guys came into the shop bitching about that with some office prg for windoze. One of my sons, who doesn't use (C= or linux or Amiga but the heretic system Hasn't paid for any of his programmes, DL-ing and or being given pirate copies of current software. His reason for this action. Not anything that Eric listed, though I would lean to the Socialist free information part of his article. [Nope this son of mine has the reasons of the software being too expensive for the buggy bloated and won't be around that long windoze software. He doesn’t feel that if he paid for it, he ‘would be getting his monies worth in use for the

September 2009ce CyberSpace Issu

time it would be capable of running on his systems. You know before the next upgrade ‘makes what you have useless.

Now agree with Eric that the creator of the digital product should have protection. He should receive some form of payment. Like Eric’s own ‘work that he has on his site forsale, pirating that is wrong to my mind. OTOH for us, we make things in digital for the C= community. Try to sell some of our work for fund raiser. But in truth, the stuffs forthe world. But that is us Eric stated some of the attitudes for piracy/copy work. I want to add the two I have mentioned above. The company/author doesn’t make/support it any more. Do they have the right to punish the interested party of their software? Some say yeah they do, and others say no they do not, In truth I lean to the no they don’t. They wish to stop making it, they don’t ‘want any money for it then, They stop support for the product, They don’t want the product. As ‘user ofthe software, I want to use it, and that means to gain the software. I must copy it. They force me todo this act. If you have ever called a company and gotten told that they don’t support, or make the software anymore and to buy a newer machine, You too might start feeling a ‘might oppressed by them and desire to fight back: ‘The other reason that I know of to pirate software, stff that is eurrently in support and production, Cost vs. quality. Like that son of ‘mine. He doesn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a product that is worth only a few dollars. ‘Because of what it does, and its short life span in relationship to the windoze world. To his mind it isn’t worth the listed price. Yeah Tam trying to get him to go to Linux. I do see his point, and my bias towards windrone stuff makes my personal feelings go off on rants. There will always be piracy. People will fight back against the ‘oppressive megacorps. Some in a sense of

revolution for freedom, Others because they ‘can, Like those cracking wars I heard about in the 1980s. Others because of misguided beliefs in political vein. Smeg I did it again, Exitorialed Eries Editorial. Guess that just shows the deep feelings people have about copyipirate issues.

es Al brings us another double sided ‘of Tantastic information, Starting on on side #1 with articles. "Transposition" by Larry Phillips. A small story about a couple of guys in, lets call ita coffee shop. Discussing Stereo systems, and then trying to explain that to a newbie. Well itis really about Computer platforms. A interesting story that runs 6 screens. Next is "Confessions of a lazy programmer” Talking about using pre made code lines from books and magazines to improve as well as shorten the programme, and your typing time. Does state that you need a util that

will renumber lines, programme to append blocks, and one to merge programmes, Author tells us that these tools are already out there,

‘Truc I have seen some of them, and this idea does cep us, the lamer programmers in the group, from constantly re-inventing the wheel.

Following isa 2 part article on EPROM, being, the Ith installment, Total amount of screens is 31. Deals with the Presentation menu, for SH & 16K. Long articles that didn’t sink into my mind at this time, Must add that the programmes themselves, are on the disk magazine, Next is "ML made easy pt #4” four screens by Lyle Giese. Dealing with the VO of disk drive. A programme in ML is in the article. Last piece is

6 screens about comparing the feel and mind set of old RPGs to the C= models ofthat time frame by LR.

September 2009ce CyberSpuce Issu 5

Programmes on this side stat off with Gnoble, 1 strange gambling game that can be played wit upto 6 players. Guessing the number of coins in hand. Trial games and some on screen instructions. Next one is ealled Dice Game. A. gambling game where you can bet on a group of ‘numbers or even on just 1. Nice animation of the pips on the 2D6 used and the sound effects are ‘well timed, While not being over powering. 3 Hole Pool is next. There isa set of on screen dox. Even then in testing it, [ was rotten, never did get the one ball into one hole. File Wrangler is next. ‘This one had two utils in ita Text formatter, that does things I didn’t understand, but from what 1 do understand. Very powerful. File output isthe other, Does some adjustments to the file. But I didn’t have anything athe time to test. Save this for a demo, Last one isa tutoriaV/demo of the INT feature. Personally it explained much more than ‘what is in the guide. Showing me some things that sparked ideas for our groups current road block level of programming lessons

Side #2 has CommodoreFree #30. Way too much fora proper review. Highlights are a Menu programme that allows music and more to be used. Made with the dotbasieplus programme. Well a good example is the ment for the disk issue of CommedoreFree. Data on CP/M, along with a surprising lack of people willing to discuss this language. Bit on a C tutorial and so much ‘more that Fant list it

See Honestly [hate to review Al's areal disk newsletters. Because there is always so much to review and I never have the space or the verbal skis todo them Justice. Even though I read each issue on my 6c. Well Ido change the border, sereen and text colours for my ancient eyes {BG}

So then in being all to brief, we have 5 articles con the August issue, on side #1. Starting of with, ‘Thrift Shop, running 6 screens, author unknown though it was reprinted from Civic and C= Hayward. Guy talks about how there are less C= things in thrift store than before. What he finds is used, and has found Jiffy Dos equipped items as well, Going on about the items being dead ‘Though most of them are repairable, He credits the low prices on sales staff that have no idea on hhow to operate the items, let alone know what they ar, such as an incredibly low price for a 128D. My editorial on this one is thatthe guy tells us that all his stories of thrift shop buys: are real and his, Ihave seen the same in the past few years around our area. In fact I gave our eard to the local thrift stores, Leting them know we will buy all C= & Amiga items. Problem is that they just don’t know what is what when it comes into the store. Last buy I did was a pair of 1571s, still in the box, and a dot matrix printer, for $20.

Next article is LR's original Mossy ConS review as posted on the mail ist. Running around 14 screens. Followed by Part 12 of EPROM. Running for 14 screens. There is mention of a programme for download/run routine. Gives some chip numbers and the KB size, along with a simple formula to find out the ‘more standard block size. Fairly much this is a step by step on using the prg, as well as discussion about the chips in the cart

Next isML MADE EASY PTS: by Lyle Giese Running for 12 screens. Two programmes are ‘on the newsletter disk for this lesson. Author talks on making a SEQ reader. Using ML and what he callsa label Assembler. Speaks ona couple types. Actually was able to understand a ‘good portion of this lesson. Last article is part ‘one of LR's Jiffy dos (from, a lamer viewpoint}

6 September 2009ce CyberSpuce Issu

In the Basic prg on side #1. There are S programmes. Starting off with "Iastant Winner" ‘This isa demo, on screen instructions for using the cursor keys. Move one box of meaningless things, over the other box and a message appears. Has a 192 date on it and takes up just 18 blocks "Fircball’, no not the marionette show. This is sort of a Spy Hunter type game. Objective is make itto the Fireball submarine. Start off with a car, dodging enemy missiles, ars, bikes and the choppers dropping things on you, Along with road hazards. Next is a boat with similar difficulties. Can't tell you what is next. Lost all my shield power and died. Took 3:14 seconds to Kull me though. Background scrolls as well and is different, I mean no repeating of images. No time to really look at it, too busy fighting to stay alive. Allin 99 blocks. Next isa 37 block programme called "R-Net". No dox and Al didn't understand the game either. No worries mate, I didn't get past one row on frst level. In short it is sort of a clone of the Q-Bert theme, Loads of TE to Understand what all the falling stuff means and how to move about. "Lo-Res" is 18 blocks long wit 6 different KB graphic images. Car, compute, shutle lunch, Star Ship enterprise and more. Amazing so much in so litle space. Last on the lists "Strings", a tutorial on the String in programming. Very informative, I was blown away in reviewing it with how strings created animation.

‘Side #2 has CommodoreFee issue #31. Which along with all the other ones that have not been released through our monthly disk. Shall bein the near future. Not enough space to review it well. Fast notes are that there was a very good response to the forth articles in a previous issue. Jim Brain has rights to make liffy Dos, MTTM report and an interview with the new President, SEUCK Updates, and more.

September 2009ce CyPerSpuce Issu

He did it forthe 4th time this year. Our Beloved and feared {that he will start talking aboot RPG in IRC again} Yiddish ‘Commodore Reichsfucrher had snagged another innocent victim. Oras he prefers to term it, “rescuing another from evil”, Lets all welcome ‘our newest member Heather. Hailing from

North Carolina. Heather has 12 64s, 2 128s, 4 SX 64s, a 4000, 500, 1200, 600 and 2 1000s in her (C= & Amiga collection, Hmm looks like she is the one for us to bug about leaming Amiga, Besides C= & Amiga. Heather isan accomplished sky diver. (Editor will not ‘comment about jumping out ofa perfectly good aeroplane} 13 years and IIRC over 2,000 jumps. ‘Acrophobic LR just shuddered at the KB when he read that part. Here's hoping that Heather will ‘enjoy her time here in the insanity and therefore normalacy of the A.CUG.

W Treasurer: sill nced to have the | ‘cent bits converted to paper, Iron out from the paypal stuff, So al the moment we are at $36.20 with some uncounted bits to be added.

© Commodore Librarian: asad one for us this month. We lost Paul "Dunric” Panks a bit ago. Starting this month we a putting his games on side #1 ofthe disk. ‘These were grabbed from his own website, just after is death. We are keeping them just as they were DLed from the website. As zip files. Most \we can guess are zipped .Dé6 files, but not all. Side one has a read me file that says about the same as above. A short game about 28 blocks in 2ip format called "Bkadv". Next is "Alesia" and last is Bvent”. Those last two run around 128 blocks each. More on next months disk. The idea to do this tribute for Dunric came a few days before the meeting. Not giving us time to test the files. May have 128, vic, pet, plus etc in there

iL of

Side #2 has the requested stories. LR.

Skull & Bone D6:

‘wanting more? In any case, part two of the “It Was My World” series fs on this side: Both the general audience and the Adult audience forms, Read me file and disk directory identifies which is which, Written in GeoWrite, even spell checked in GeoSpell, and GeoZipped. Unzipped they are around 500 blocks. Being between 30 and 40 pages, Fonts where released in the first installment.

Editor/SysOp: Doing this report long before the August meeting. As just did the print issue photocopy work today. While itis fresh in ‘what is left of my mind. Report it here for all of us. Starting atthe cover, there is problem. Both the Village Green title, and the table of contents, for the print edition. Have a box around them. Nice Joking thin black line. As [look at the master print out copy. There are two different levels of gray scale boxes. Only the border line installed is seen on the photocopy. Jumping to page #19. The 5 photos came out darker and grainier looking than they do on the master copy. This is a fault ofthe copy machine and forthe why? You got me, it isa fnew machine atthe ple. Older one did better on making the B&W pictures appear inthe issue. Not sure what Iam going to do about that at this time. “Though I have a few ideas in my perculated mind.

Sill on the printissue. As I mentioned in it, was trying out some new fonts. Laser Writer ones.

didn’t now how they would look tll they were printed out. I did do a fast letter to Ray Carlsen, But that was a straight letter. Not a booklet, Well the main body isthe same as before. Times Roman for writing, substituted with VillagePlain in the Printing. Lused LW_Zapf, LW_Giannini, and LW_Bacon for sections, header and foot, Meeting note departments were done in a regular GeoFont called North Gate. Title of "The story of making the story”. Iam not certain if it was done with bold face. Or I used a similar font to LW_Zapf on the listing called dm_galley. But it isa bit jagey. All in ll these fonts came out well for use. Ihave more to test out. Actually close to 900 postscript fonts, Problem is two fold, They are not set up to be seen on the screen in GeoWrite, Like the fonts from Dale Sidebottom’ disk. Meaning that they have to be substituted in printing with another font for pitch and spacing, Second they may all need aan adjustment, I forget exactly what that is, but have the print out from SunFish. Which tells me the steps. Reason for this is that I had problems with the imported font. Not showing up in [think it was GeoPub. A simple line has to be changed in the post script font file, At that time I couldn't do iton the 128. Since the font file is too large for ‘GcoWrite. Sho-vah used his Amiga todo the adjustment. Now with the linux thing, I ean do the work myself. This will add to the fonts for the print edition. When I can work out the time, But it ‘won't help in the CyberSpace issue. Till I learn how that is donc, I mean those experiments can be detailed later for us. At this time it looks like it has to have the font which isa pfa format on the ‘computer that is reading the file. I don't know how that can be done exactly. As my first test fora demo for this mecting failed.

On the CyberSpace issue. Following is for the print readers on the result of the experiment.

September 2009ce CyberSpuce Issu

CyberSpace readers, skip ahead a bit. [BG] Well print guys, it worked out very well. OK there is tone picture that is not placed just right. I was rushed to have it out before the first. Oh yeah, I'l have in the Ramblings a section on the full report of the new tests. Anyway, what I did this time around was to use those LW fonts. And more colour. Made colour bars over and under the header for the pages. Did the header and footer text in colours. Even did the page number ina colour, Place 4 colour jpegs in the issue. This time I stayed with 14 point Times Roman for the main text, Bold face off of course. Made itas a two column issue. Last ime I did three columns 1nd it was at 12 point. As this is written, Tam awaiting feed back on the layout. (Update: Feedback is to go with the two column format}

Right, make this fast for everyone. CyberSpace reader already read this and have the copies “in hand’, Print readers, well it is only interesting because itis done on the C=. So lets make this short. I was able with the help of No.30 to have the page count go past 16 with accurate page numbers, What I present here is thatthe entire file in post script would just about fit on a 1571 disk. When converted to pdf. That smegger was 6.4mega bytes!!!

‘Tapping this on the keyboard on 6/August/Oce tnd hope to have more added to this report as time passes. Bad news is that the HP 2100TN printer has apparently died on me. Sits there with the green light flashing, For over an hour and still didn’t print a smegging thing. Ob it isn’t out of toner, bugger prints the copy sheet perfectly. Well as ths is written, I have a bid on ebay. This is taking funds from our account. But honestly is badly needed. No printer, no print copy for the newsletter or even sleeves and labels For the disks. Anyway this bid is on a HP 4100TN printer. Yeah shipping is more than my bid. Well

time. My major interest is that it will take the 11" x 17" sized paper. This means that we can have booklets of C= and RPG things for the shop and for our members. Size ofthe booklets would be 8 U2" x 11" when created. OK gotta buy a special stapler for that as well. Bummer is that this stopped my hunt for the colour toner thing to try out for our print issue newsletter. Since

this is primarily used for the Anything. Commodore Users Grow. Emergency meeting to take the funds from some recent Private and group sales and use that to help the printer replacement cost. Voted todo just that 19 keep the group alive, Like no print issue ete, No ‘group, isthe problem. More on this if I can score up this printer or find a 2100TN. UPDATE: AS/August?200%¢¢ Well the problem with the Printer was found and solved. 1 had lft the “EPS” part of post print active. Didn't know that the printer wouldn't print with that on, Oh and | didn’t get that one 4100tn printer. However this taught all of us the danger of not having a back up printer, Local group decided to hold off on funds from the sales and memberships to try to score another printer. Hopefully the 4100tn for the above printing needs. But another 2100tn if not, since the price is better for the 2100 anyway. Also it was considered to hunt for the ‘cost at least of a colour toner thing. A task that has run into a mess of navigation problems on line.

M* Deputies: so many projects for No.30 that starting one, lets him see others that were forgotten. Sil things are progressing inthe ‘major task, That of sorting out the piles of things. Attempting to make some sot of sense of all the items and also some sor of order. Long process, but must be dane before any more work fn indexing and testing can be done. We did find

September 2009ce CyberSpuce Issu )

some of the missing Penny Farthing disks. Now to put them all into order and see what else is missing. No.16 has had his National guard service, smeg up his work schedule. Creating difficulties in making it to the shop for C= ‘work. Hope that will rectify with the new time format being made for Computer things by LR for the weekly/daily mect

YS.1.G.8: Sort of relevant wo the PRG part. Acollection of books arrived from Fuzz/R64. Duplicates where swooped upon bythe locals. Things dealing with aspects of Basic Programming, At that time there was some talk on doing Basic again in the group. But some hairy hippy freak has to blaze the trail for the gang.

Did some hardware work with No.16 and LR. ‘Testing a 158 Ithat No.16 was going to sel. "Needed to do a bit of head beating to place it back in alignment, Tested it with fies to and from a FD. Thought we had a problem fora time, as the disk didn’t want to be read on either of the FD Units in the shop. Not the fault ofthe 1581, as we hooked up another 1581 and the disk read fine Just one of those trips of the FD not likeing the cheap media used on that 81 disk we had in testing,

(ne of the parts ofthat test was to copy a file called mod monster maker. One of LR's early Basic programme mods to an existing

programme. LR showed No,16 how the prg ran

in both the actual use, and then in the peg lines. Explaining that itis how some members leamed to send and load files from the disk drive. Explaining some of the code lines in the open statements for the disk, screen and printer. Something that we can get back to and it did seem tobe inspiring to all of us to look a this older programme and semi understand it

Geos has been learning more about the post print tool. Thanks to help from Nigel of ‘CommodoreFree and Allan of the Commodore Scene. We have leamed to make a better file. Mare on this in the rambling section. One big, thing we did learn, much to the embarrassment ‘of LR. Printers don’t print when the "EPS" part is turned on in Post Print. Lets bypass the couple days of freak out and 6 packs for LR. (BG) Of ‘course in Geos there has been the Role Playing ‘game work and those emissions of the sick mine ‘of LR that people ask him to write,

%*Demos-Close-Discussions: Slated to be shown for demo's was the games fromthe SC’s disks. Along with at least one fromthe this months Duar collect. Along with look at some of the disks that came inthis ‘month. Didn't happen, as i testing out some of the disks that came in the 1571 on the 6c went cout, Probably correctable locally. Not in time for the mecting. Problem is that the disk that where teste ae all stuck in the jacket. Must have been stacked tight fora long time. Demo on the way to tell thisby rotating the disk, And how to properly store disks. Took the place ofthe regularly scheduled demo, Discussed the possible ned to cut the jacket open and placed the actual disk media ino another one in onder to preserve the data. One disk that worked for a bit, ‘was double sided of games, over haf of them German ones. Most ofthe over 200 disks are for Geos.

Discussed the tentative schedule for programming and Geos work for the members in the shop. LR will have to go over some more of the books in order to find the material that will restimulate the group in the programming part. Discussed about submitting for the newsletter. Those interested should contact,

10 September 2009ce CyberSpuce Issu

Jordronin @ for the ways of presentation, Of course Geos is the best. {BG} Discussed sending drives to Ray, along with the Big Foot power supply for repairs. Mainly on the cost of repairs and where the funds will be found. Closed at 8:00pm for game where things continued in talk about the Group and Commedore, before the game at 9pm

‘Victor stopped by on I/July/09ce with this blue thing, A new linux tower forus. Bigger HD, faster CPU, DVD/CD read/write and rewritable drive, Mandatory floppy and he putin a Zip drive, Has something to make viewing online vids not as jerky as before and runs if I ean spel it correctly mepis linux. Lots of things that I don’t understand, This is from No,}6's olf tower that had some failings. Like not liking monitors. Well om teday, Sunday 2/July/09e. No.30 took it from the shop. As it arrived at closing last night. Took down the compag pos and plugged in the new tower. NOTHING HAPPENED! So at this point in the narrative, we have to wait for him to show Uup tomorrow. Demonstrate it for him, and maybe have some sort of simple fix done. Or wait for No. to pop by. More in here asit develops.

6/August/09%ce update: Well the problem of why the new blue tower failing to operate when No.30 tried it out, is solved. No identity marking of the other on/off switch. Found it and have the ‘monster online at the moment. Fast, even with 1No,30 in his loft room, on the pos doing his online stuff. Problem is that I don’t understand ‘what Ihave and how to operate it yet. No will be by afier the 14th ofthis month to do a bit of hand holding and explanation. Can tell you that it hasa Floppy, that I don’t know how to activate

(CDIDVD player and re-writable recorder, and a 2ip drive. [have to find out how to finish making my account and get these things activated in the account. Sure more powerful than what I have used. That isa good thing because I can now see hhow to do more for our group and the sacred

Dmackey828 was talking about a cart port ‘expander he saw on ebay one night. | followed the link and itasa good model, infact the one that Ihave on the 64c in the shop, Suggested strongly that he score it up. But he had already gotten another type, Just had to look at the items that popped up on the screen. Ebay people, you know what [mean about those teaser things of similar stuff forsale. Well there was SO disks for $5. looked at that sale. Turns out that a guy in Geongia has the stuff from a users group there and is selling it off ordered the 4 bundles of disks he had offered. At the buy it now of $5 per «each bundle of 50.

Let him know that it was going to our users ‘group in a message. This sparked some email between us. He hadn't known of the continued interest in the C=. Nor some of the web sites that I sent him information, Yeah ours and our mailing list as well {EG}. Those disks came in tightly packed and he said he tossed in a few more for us. Because we are a users group, Have only looked at some ofthe titles. They are from the S.1G.s of that group. Found some that are Geos 128 back ups and data files. Many things of interest and [ll add more in here as I sort through the box of goodies. (Update: All disks tested were too tight in the jacket. Caused the 1571 on the 64¢ to go out of alignment. Need to fix that and see about fixing the disks}

‘Ah but abit after writing the lines above. A tragic event transpired. Smegging internal 1571 con the 128D went out, Well OK itis old enough

September 2009ce CyberSpuce Issu

to goout. Just thatit didn't go out in that way, it row rattles, Nastly when there is any attempe to access it.I keep hitting the remove, but man each time Ihave to reset the system. Like from the printer use or from GeaDos. The Wheels system stills tris to read the drive. Looks lke a full shut down, disassemble, possible repair, or just Unplug itand use-an extemal, As itis bugging me. ‘What this has to do with the above disks. They are fon 5-1/4" floppies. Looks Like Iam going to have to set up Geos on the 64e, and hope it wll see the FD as a 1581. Till can get the internal repaired or externally replaced. Be the only way that I can see the disks, and if lucky enough to have the FD been seen. Copy them to 3 1/2 floppies to transfer to this L28D. In order for us to find out al the fun stff. This also means the file that I gained which will remove the encryption in a Geos disk. At east tha is what I think its supposed to do allowing me to use these pre used Geos disks

‘Work on the seanning for DLH, has slowed down, We have our newsletters to sean, along with a least one book. No it isn't that the scanner died, or that on the new linux system we don’t have the programme. It is space, time and for the book, well pages. Space is going to be fixed in a while. Land Lond, new owner, gave permission

to drill a hole in the wall from the hall where the DSL input is located, into the game/eompuster room, Where a large desk, covered in C= and catsis located. Clear that off and I can place the ‘new computer and the scanner together. Rather than stuck in the ball with the scanner balanced on 116°x6" stand, in front of the bathroom door. ‘Making ita bit hand when others in the kibbutz ced the facilities. Oh yeah and that is also where the cat boxes are located. Time isa bit harder to arrange. Thanks to No,16 and this new system. Having 2 computers. Allows more dedicated time



of time is the

almost damaged pages in trying to turn the book over. DLH suggested that I could remove the

pages, Well it sounds easy as they have started to fall out at cis time in trying to scan the frst 10 pages plus the cover. Getting them back in again will require some help with people that have hands that work, Inthe end this will work out for preserving things forthe entire C= world and for us. As I can eventually learn how to create DVD units of our books and magazines, Yeah both C= and RPG, Though teaching old hippies new tricks isn't always that casy. {VBG) Though it has come to the point that I will sce about sending the book to DLE for him to sean, Just become impossible with all the above problems to do this task correctly

Making A Better P.S. File

‘Think that thisis going to be sort of a blog type thing. Or for my generation a journal entry theme. Now Ihave written a few times in here bout doing the paf from post script files made in post print 3.8. Stated as well that been sending! things for Nigel at CommodoreFree. He made mention that there is more that we can do with this method, As what we produce isn't as good asit could/should be, based on work done by others

September 2009ce CyberSpuce Issu

Well ofcourse that got my interest and I wanted to learn mare. Nigel had been the go between between myself and Allan atthe old Commedore Scene magazine. Allan has done 3 Jot af work in the past in making paf stuff post print made post seript files. Right that all out of the way For back ground. What is wrong with the files that I have been making, Well they look ok at about 100%. Ihave to use 70% forthe viewer on the linux system, But when itis raised any higher, it gets fuzzy. Nigel did atest that he sent to me and Allan. Same word from a document ‘made by Allan and by me. Blown up to TIRC 6400, Allan's is clean and sharp. Mine looked like, well going into Koala in pixel edit. Long gray seale rectangular blocks. Different gray scale colours in the blocks that didn’t come close to the shape of the word, or letter used.

‘What is the problem? We are using the samme stuff. Geos 128, GeoPub, post print 3.8. Save that he uses Weopy+ and heretic machine While I use GeoDos and the linux. In order to transfer the file and then convert them to pdf Well there is one thing that I wasn’t doing. 1 didn't activate the EPS [Encapsulated Post Script} option on post print. [did that and made the disk file, OK there is good news and bad news, Good news is that at 400%, the highest